Maximo’s production capacity and capabilities are undoubtedly impressive. To be able to provide the best products to our customers in a fast and efficient way, we rely on our production capacity of over 2500 pairs of shoes per day in our factory.

Production Capacityand Capabilities

Having the ability to nearly double this production capacity with the help of subcontractors shows the flexibility and adaptability to meet changing customer demands.

Collaboration with subcontractors exemplifies our methodical strategy for increasing production capacity without sacrificing quality, proving to be an important asset that allow us to keep standing as a reliable company.

Quality Control Measures

Conforming to the greatest standards of craftsmanship, durability and customer satisfaction, our quality control specialists check the products both throughout and after the process to make sure the orders reflect the client’s needs.

We carefully select our subcontractors to match the quality and outstanding service we offer to our customers and to the most stringent criteria of the shoe-making industry.

Ethical and SustainableManufacturing Practices

By dopting ethical manufacturing practices such as using eco-friendly materials, energy efficiency, reducing waste and implementing responsible production processes, we ensure that our shoes are not only fashionable but also environmentally conscious.

Using these ethical and sustainable manufacturing techniques, we portray ourselves as a responsible and forward-thinking brand and appeal to conscientious customers.